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Customs [Apr. 4th, 2012|02:50 am]
This is my permanent customs post. It will have all the info you need if you are interested in purchasing my customs.

Status: Customs are Open!

Rules, same as with my regular sales:

- I was granted sales permission on April 2, 2012 by entirelycliched

- My feedback is here ---> [X]

- I will not sell to banned members and I have the right to deny sales for any reason I see fit.

- I am not responsible for orders after they ship.

- I do not do refunds, so please make sure you want the item before you send payment.

- You're shipping costs WILL include tracking in the cost, you do not have a choice on this, tracking provides peace of mind for both you and myself. It also acts as proof that I DID in fact send your item should the post office screw up and your item not arrive.

- All prices are BEFORE shipping and PayPal costs. Those will be added when you tell me where the item is to be shipped to.

- I accept PayPal ONLY.

- I will list all items with their condition, you may ask for additional photos if you want it.

- At this time, I only ship on Saturdays. This is subject to change each school semester as my shipping days revolve around my work and class schedule which change every semester.When you purchase an item, it will be shipped the Saturday following your purchase.

- Please mark payments as goods/services and include in the message your username and what you purchased. This is important to keep me organized!

- I ship from Stow, Ohio USA. (Northeast Ohio)

- I only ship USPS.

- I will be glad to talk haggling and trades, just ask.

- I am new at sales, please let me know if my prices are generally too high or low, I trust everyone on here to tell me the truth and help me out.

- If you have anymore questions, just ask! =]

Customs Specific Rules:

- Please do not ask over and over "when are you going to ship it? When is it coming? Did you ship it yet?"

- Please allow 2 weeks for your custom to be made and shipped, large plushes may take a month.

- I make my plushes and hats with fleece, if you want minky or faux fur, it will be more, you must ask about this if you want it.

- Once my slots are full, they are full. Check back later for openings.

- Please do not ask me if I can make you a custom when my customs clearly say slots are full or closed, be patient and wait for my slots to open up, they will, I promise.

- Each custom is a unique handmade work of art, therefore no two will ever be the same.

- My customs are always made to order.

- You can also order customs from my Etsy account, here ---> [X]


1. nasija - Small Flareon Plush [Finished]

Shipping Costs:

Hats: $4.50
Small Plush: $7.00
Large Plush: $14.00

Hats: $5.50
Small Plush: $9.00
Large Plush: $17.00

Everywhere Else:
Hats: $8.00
Small Plush: $15.00
Large Plush: $30.00


[User Picture]From: nasija
2012-06-25 12:19 am (UTC)
how big are the small and large plush's and what would a flareon cost in both sizes? Which material do you use for the plush?
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[User Picture]From: pakajunatufty
2012-06-25 05:44 am (UTC)
The smalls are roughly 18" long. And the Large range 3-4 ft. long.

A small Flareon is $35 and a large Flareon is $100.

as for material, I use fleece. I can do minky for an additional cost.
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[User Picture]From: nasija
2012-06-26 01:36 am (UTC)
so a small flareon would be $50 shipped to germany?

and how do you want the payment, half upfront and the other half when the plush is finished or the $35 for the plush first and then later the money for the shipping?

Tbh i like fleece and minky is nice and all, but to expensive for my like. I use fleece for my own plush too. And i don't feel like it to cuddle with a expensive plush made from minky.
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[User Picture]From: pakajunatufty
2012-06-26 01:48 am (UTC)
Yes. As for payment, it is in 2 parts. Plush first then shipping when I finish it.
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[User Picture]From: pakajunatufty
2012-06-26 10:31 pm (UTC)
Did you want me to put you down on my slots?
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[User Picture]From: nasija
2012-06-26 10:53 pm (UTC)
yes i would like a slot for a small flareon plush. where should i send the $35?
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[User Picture]From: pakajunatufty
2012-06-27 02:54 am (UTC)

You can send it to PakajunaTufty@yahoo.com
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[User Picture]From: nasija
2012-06-27 01:15 pm (UTC)
payment 1 sent for the plush
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